Our Winery

The winery, founded in 1945, is today managed by the third generation. Our family has always devoted itself to winegrowing. „Tradition means to us the passing of fire and not the worship of ashes“. With our passion for viniculture and our continuous pursuit of the highest quality, we deliver excellent wines to our customers.

Our Family

Johann Ebinger
Company leader and specialist in the vineyard
Martin Ebinger
Dynamic young winemaker
Josefine Ebinger
Reliability in person
Andrea Ebinger
Specialist for Office and more
Christina Ebinger
Ensures the well-being of our guests

The Vineyards

Our wines with their unique character are harvested from the best Poysdorfer locations. The foundation of excellent wines is the quality of the soil, therefore our philosophy is to set the foundation in nature.

The Cellar

Careful processing of the grapes is the continuation of the conscientious and natural care of our vineyards. The unique mark of the winemaker is reflected in the quality of the wines. The result is unmistakably authentic wines.